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The aim of the Ladies Fly Fishing Association, is to encourage lady anglers to participate in fishing events, to join the various ladies clubs and in general promote ladies angling. Each year the Association helps to fund a team to compete in the Ladies International, against teams from England, Ireland and Wales.

The Ladies Association was formed in 1990 by Ian Wilson and the late Kevin Burns. The initial team was made up of 6 Ladies from St Serfs angling club and 6 Ladies from the Montana Ladies angling club. The same year, the Ladies came under the auspices of SANA, who is the governing body for the sport of game fishing in Scotland. This was necessary to allow the Ladies to compete in International events.

The following year in 1991, the Scottish Ladies Championship was organised and the event was held on Loch Leven. It was the qualifiers from this match who went forward to fish at Rutland and came back with the first of many Gold Medals.

The group picture below was taken at Llyn Brenig in Wales in 1990, where the Scottish Ladies first took part in a friendly competition. The event saw competitors from Wales, England and Scotland, but it was not until the following year that Ireland joined the competition.

1990 Llyn Brenig

Where it all began for the Scottish Ladies - Click on the picture to enlarge.

Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

The committee for the year 2016 are as follows:


Jane Wright


Dione Roberts

dione Roberts

Kathleen Shepherd

Members: Helen Philp, Liz Fraser, Liz McClelland & Liz Pringle.


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